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Staying relevant in a digital world

One of the hardest things to do as a recording artist in the music industry today is to stay relevant. Not an easy task when the attention span of this generation is as short as the time it takes to swipe their finger on a cell phone. The internet has given us the ability to capture a much larger audience, yet it has also given us a shorter window to grab their attention. We now live in a digital world. Just about everyone & everything is connected through the internet on some type of social media platform. As trends come & go, we must continue to stay on the forefront of pop culture or risk getting caught behind the times.

With the consumption of music changing towards online streaming, we now have to reevaluate the way we release music. In the past, we would send a song to radio, get a physical product on store shelves, & promote it with a concert tour. But with social media taking over the world, the approach needs to be changed. If you don't have a social media presence, you will find it hard getting your music heard. Fans want instant access to you & your music. This means having new music, new photos, & new videos readily available every time your audience gets tired of your old stuff.

The concept of an album is dead, long live the single. A single allows you creative freedom from the expectation of an album. Because if your album flops, you just wasted the time it took to make it. But If your single flops, just drop another single until you get a hit. The more songs in your catalog the better. Having a lot of releases only increases your chances of being heard. Keep in mind that one of your old songs is brand new to someone that has never heard it before. So don't be afraid to put out new music more often.

Finally, It is important to know all the different ways your music can make money in today's market. Your music can accumulate revenue through live performances, CD & digital download sales, publishing, & online streams. Even though CDs are almost obsolete, a gigging musician may still find them relevant on their merchandise table. They are something you can physically autograph & give out to fans. For the digital musician, having your music available on all of the popular streaming services will increase your chances of generating revenue.

Good luck fellow music makers! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


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