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The rise of streaming

When I first started releasing music, it was all about getting my CD's on store shelves and fighting for up front rack placement. Then CD stores went away. That left me with radio play and iTunes. Getting my songs on radio was one of the few ways to let listeners know that I had new music available on iTunes. However, that created a gatekeeper mentality where the radio stations had all the power. This created a music industry where only a select few were being promoted. I used to ask myself, "how will people know that I released new music on iTunes when radio station won't even play my new music?"

The answer I found is social media and streaming services. We now have a direct line to our fans. No longer can the gatekeepers of the past decide whether or not our music is worth being heard. We can now see in real time how our fans are responding to the release of new music. Internet based platforms are data driven which allow us to research what is working and what is not. Now if I release a new song, I can see exactly how many listeners are tuned in any given period of time and where they are listening from. This plays a huge roll in planning your marketing strategy. It's always a huge advantage to know who your target audience is.

It's true that streaming doesn't pay as much as a sale would, but keep in mind that streaming increases your chance of residual income. Listeners who use Pandora and Spotify are likely saving your music on a personalized playlist that they will listen to over and over again. Unlike a sale that is one and done. Although, what I've found is that as my streaming audience grows, so does my iTunes sales. This is due to new fans discovering my music on streaming services and then wanting to support me as an artist. This is why I make all of my music available to streaming services.

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Sustain an online presence

We live in a world where the most powerful man in the world turns to social media first to share what's on his mind. That says a lot about how important the digital landscape has become. If you want to be heard, you need to go where the people are. In today's world, that place is the internet.

I've pondered for the last few years, "how do I increase my online presence?" The answer I found is content. Having a catalog of quality content is the most important factor in achieving any online success. It doesn't matter what kind of business you are running, you need to brand yourself as someone who consistently puts out quality content. Building that trust with your audience is what creates a sustainable online presence.

In my case, music is my product. What separates me from my peers is the size of my song catalog and the consistency in which I release new music. Having a large song catalog increases my chances of generating sales and streaming revenue. Releasing new music on a consistent bases increases my chances of growing my audience. As my audience grows, my older catalog becomes renewed as new fans discover my old songs for the first time. This is the model of success I have used to sustain my music career.

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Staying relevant in a digital world

One of the hardest things to do as a recording artist in the music industry today is to stay relevant. Not an easy task when the attention span of this generation is as short as the time it takes to swipe their finger on a cell phone. The internet has given us the ability to capture a much larger audience, yet it has also given us a shorter window to grab their attention. We now live in a digital world. Just about everyone & everything is connected through the internet on some type of social media platform. As trends come & go, we must continue to stay on the forefront of pop culture or risk getting caught behind the times.

With the consumption of music changing towards online streaming, we now have to reevaluate the way we release music. In the past, we would send a song to radio, get a physical product on store shelves, & promote it with a concert tour. But with social media taking over the world, the approach needs to be changed. If you don't have a social media presence, you will find it hard getting your music heard. Fans want instant access to you & your music. This means having new music, new photos, & new videos readily available every time your audience gets tired of your old stuff.

The concept of an album is dead, long live the single. A single allows you creative freedom from the expectation of an album. Because if your album flops, you just wasted the time it took to make it. But If your single flops, just drop another single until you get a hit. The more songs in your catalog the better. Having a lot of releases only increases your chances of being heard. Keep in mind that one of your old songs is brand new to someone that has never heard it before. So don't be afraid to put out new music more often.

Finally, It is important to know all the different ways your music can make money in today's market. Your music can accumulate revenue through live performances, CD & digital download sales, publishing, & online streams. Even though CDs are almost obsolete, a gigging musician may still find them relevant on their merchandise table. They are something you can physically autograph & give out to fans. For the digital musician, having your music available on all of the popular streaming services will increase your chances of generating revenue.

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To pay or not to pay?

Aloha guys! welcome to my first blog here on

When I first entered the music scene, CDs were the main source of retail music. Prior to that it was cassette tapes, 8 tracks & phonographic records. What do they all have in common? They were all physical products that you could hold in your hand. With the advent of the internet, music is now an invisible computer file that can be shared throughout the world in an instant. This is problematic for anyone trying to sell music as a career. Without a physical product to sell, there is no way to regulate supply & demand. The music industry fought tooth & nail against online piracy to no avail. Instead, we are left with the choice of whether to pay or not to pay for music.

As record stores closed across the country, online retailers like Apple's iTunes took over the retail market. However, the act of piracy still continued. This brings us to the concept of streaming. Streaming services like Pandora & Spotify now make most music available for free to its listeners. Unfortunately, streams accumulate revenue at a much smaller rate than typical digital download sales. Therefore, we are left with the hope that people feel like buying our music or are at least willing to use a streaming service that pays very little in comparison.

The question we are left with is, "what does a recording artist need to do to sustain a career in music?" There are numerous ways for a gigging musician to make money, but from the perspective of a recording artist, times have sure changed. You now have to be a self promoting social media master to stay relevant in this ever changing market. & In this day in age, you either change with the times or get left behind.

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